We produce components for the world’s leading OEMs and suppliers using the toughest materials and most advanced techniques.

Laser Beds

Machined from a state of the art vacuum casting process. Part includes such critical tolerances as: .001 flatness over a 9.0 X 10.5 area, +.0004/-.0000 holes, .001 positional hole locations to cast datum targets, spiral lock threads, and critical O-ring grooving.

Focal Lens Housing

Machined from 6061 aluminum billet. This part starts out as a 8.75 X 13.25 X 3.50 piece of aluminum billet and is hogged out using advanced milling techniques to manufacture the frame shown. This part has extensive process requirements which IDC has refined, through cooperation with our vendors, to reduce cost to our customers. Part includes such critical tolerances as: .0002 perpendicularities, .002 flatness, and critical machining of the lens surfaces. Each part is serialized and supplied to the customer with 100% inpection documentation of critical features.

Optical Housing

Aluminum A356 alloy thin-walled casting. The part is machined post anodize using advanced work holding solutions that allow parts to be fixtured and re-fixtured with .0002 repeatability. Optical Housings such as this typically have critical features such as +/-.0002 lens bores, .0002 positions on motor drive features, .0002 profiles on mirror and lens surfaces, and .0002 sizes on bearing bores. IDC offers both in-house elevated temperature and thermal cycle stress relieves to stabilize challenging parts such as this.


Cast part (highlighted in orange) for internal housing of a thermal scope. Key part features include precision milling and honing of critical ID (inner diameter) feature to hold the optics in place at a specific distance from the infrared detector

Lens Cell

15-5 PH stainless was used for superior performance in strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. The part requires tight tolerances on the ID sizes, ID concentricities and adjacent faces for seating of the lenses. The outermost holes require a very close tolerance of both the concentricity and relative spacing to each other to guarantee smooth installation on slide rails.

Lens Frame

Machined from 6061 billet aluminum. This part includes .002 profile lens seats, very thin walls, and required simultaneous 5-axis milling to achieve the complex part profiles. This part also requires a very difficult anodize, mil-spec paint, masking, and chemical conversion coating process.

Lens Frame Apache Targeting System

Machined from 6061 aluminum billet. Part includes such critical tolerances as: +/-.0001 holes with .001 positional location to each other.


Made from optical quality, low bismuth, 6061 aluminum billet. The gear is cut to AGMA 10 class specifications and deburred under 15X magnification. Part includes such critical tolerances as: .001 flatness, .001 perpendicularity, +.0000/-.0003 holes, and .003 max edge breaks.

Cockpit Voice Recorder Enclosure

Legacy machined part for F-22 Raptor.

Dome Retainer

Machined from 7075 aluminum billet. Part includes such critical tolerances as: .020 +/-.001 wall thickness and a height tolerance of +/-.002, which, due to the large amount of stock removal is extremely difficult to achieve.

Optical Lens Housing/Optical Spider

Machined from 6AL4V billet titanium. This part includes .0002 profile lens seats, .0002 lens bores, .0005 critical lengths required for optical spacing, and required 5-axis milling to achieve the complex part profiles. This part also requires micro abrading to reduce reflectivity for optical clarity.


We’re experienced in working with some of the world’s toughest materials. Our approach to machining is sensitive to the type of material we’re working with to ensure we’re operating at maximum efficiency without compromising quality.


Copper Tungsten


Aluminum Alloys

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