The passion for continuous improvement is our moto.  Our commitment to process improvements do not end with the completion of a Kaizen event. We strive every day to make improvements within IDC.  Some are incremental and some are part of a much larger picture to reach a new level of quality, throughput, increased yield, or improved efficiency.

Many of our parts have “frozen” processes typically for the defense, aerospace, and medical industries.  The challenge is to reduce the variability of the results without changing the process.  Customers expect cost downs over time and working proactively with them to approve process improvements has enabled significant cost savings.  We look for ways to simplify, standardize, and eliminate unintended variation in our processes.

We also understand risk and the need to embrace new challenges.  If our current equipment cannot achieve the necessary tolerance or repeatability we invest in the latest in equipment and tooling to move the process forward.  Understanding each piece of equipment’s capability, tolerance and repeatability is fundamental in setting up robust new processes.