Our Turning Department consists of Hardinge Super-precision lathes almost exclusively. They are the most accurate turning centers in the world with offset capabilities of 0.00001”. Holding diameter and length tolerances to 0.0001” and roundness to 0.00005”, our CHNC SP’s results cannot be matched. The GT SP Flatsides equipped with bar feeders can easily accommodate any high production need while holding the tightest tolerances. With the SP 51 you will find the very rarest of turning centers, a machine that can turn a 9″ diameter and a 24″ length with offset capabilities of 0.00001. Whether your material is Titanium, Tungsten or Tantalum come to IDC for your most critical turning needs.

Hardinge CHNC 42 with LNS Bar feeder shown

Equipment List

  • 6 Hardinge CHNC III+ Super Precision Chuckers
  • 1 Hardinge CHNC II+ Super Precision Chucker
  • 1 Hardinge CHNC 42 Super Precision Chucker
  • 5 Hardinge GT SP Super Precision Flat Slide Chuckers
  • 1 Hardinge GT 27 Super Precision Flat Slide Chucker
  • 1 Hardinge Elite Slant Bed Lathe
  • 1 Hardinge Quest 51 SP Slant Bed Lathe
  • 1 Hardinge Conquest 42 Slant Bed Lathe
  • 1 Hardinge Conquest GT Slant Bed Lathe
  • 2 Hardinge HC Manual Chucker’s
  • 2 Hardinge HSL Manual Speed Lathes