IDC employs both Zeiss and Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machines offering PC-DMIS and Calypso measurement software with full scanning capability. Most systems are in their respective quality labs which are temperature and humidity-controlled environments. IDC houses a few CMM’s in isolated shop positions to support production cells. CMM volumetric accuracies are available to sub-micron levels.

With this vast capability, many of IDC’s customers rely on us for CMM solutions. We invite surveys at your convenience and will supply a copy of our AS9100 certification at request. Our goal is to produce the highest quality precision components available. We hope we can be of service to your organization.

Hexagon Global S with HP-S-X1H Scanning Probe

Equipment List

  • 3 Brown & Sharpe Global Image CMM’s w/ PC-DMIS Software
  • 2 Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage CMM’s w/ PC-DMIS Software
  • 3 Brown & Sharpe Global S Blue CMM’s w/ Scanning Probe & PC-DMIS Software
  • 1 Zeiss Prismo CMM w/ Vast Gold Active Scanning Head and Calypso Software
  • 1 Zeiss Micura CMM w/ Calypso Software
  • 1 Zeiss DuraMax CMM w/ Calypso Software
  • 1 Offline Seat PC-DMIS Software
  • 1 Offline Seat Zeiss Calypso w/ PC-DMIS Importer
  • 1 Starrett HDV-400 Vision Machine
  • 1 J&L 30″ Comparator
  • 1 S&T Industries 30” Comparator
  • 1 Topcon 12″ Comparator
  • 1 Nikon 12” Comparator
  • 3 Pratt & Whitney Super-Micrometers
  • 1 Mitutoyo Laser Micrometer
  • 1 Mitutoyo CNC Surftest Profilometer
  • 1 Mitutoyo Surface Analyzer
  • 3 Heidenhein Glass Scale Digital Drop Indicators
  • 2 Nikon Toolmaker Microscopes
  • 20+ 15X+ Magnification Stereo Microscopes
  • 3 Edmonds Accu-Touch Air Gages