Kevin and Jon Sinnett founded IDC in 1987 in a 6,000 square foot facility in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Initially, the company’s workforce included Kevin, Jon and five other employees from a former employer. Over the years the company has grown from the 5 original employees to over 100 employees.

IDC has over 30 years of aerospace performance. We are proud to still be supplying ultra-precision components to the same group of loyal friends. Our specialization in guidance hardware holds true yet today, although it has evolved from gimbaled gyros to the new generation of gimbaled seekers. Our quest to take on any challenge has never changed and we welcome yours.

Upon start-up of operations in the Mukwonago facility, several key customers displayed confidence in IDC by awarding contracts. The company continues to do business with these customers to this day. This loyalty has produced three Small Business of the Year awards from Lockheed Martin and STAR supplier status as well as the 2020 Honeywell FM&T, KCNSC 2020 Outstanding Small Business Supplier.

In 2004 IDC began a strategic relationship with Monument Capital Partners to assist us with the capital resources to continue to grow with our customers and their increasing requirements.

In 2020, IDC partnered with the BERKS Group. BERKS is a diverse portfolio of companies. It includes two precision manufacturing plants that immediately help to grow IDC’s capacity to serve its customers. BERKS long-term investment strategy provides IDC with capital to invest in new equipment. This not only boosts productivity but allows IDC to expand on its promise of ultra-high quality work.

It is a very exciting and important new chapter in the history of IDC! This relationship will make an even stronger IDC with capabilities that will ensure top-level performance for years to come.