Quality Policy

To deliver high quality product on time in an atmosphere, which promotes continuous improvement while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Always tell the truth, be fair in dealing with others, honor your commitments, respect other individuals, and promote free thinking and environmental stewardship. From these values flow our commitments to our Team Members, their Families, our business relationships, our community, and our enterprise.

Our Vision

Our vision is excellence in everything we do. Excellence beyond a quality component or process; where we are the supplier of choice, the employer of choice, and the customer of choice, and a valued member of our community.

Our Mission

To machine precision products for aerospace, military, medical and high end Industrial applications with pride and error free efficiency for the ultimate end user.

Safety Mission Statement

At IDC we believe that all injuries are preventable, and will not compromise safety over schedule, cost, or production. Through the commitment of all our team members we will achieve “zero injuries.”