In-process Outline

Our goal is 100% perfect parts. We achieve this by setting up processes with check points to monitor the quality of the parts as they are being made. Many of our customers require 100% inspection data to ship with each part.

Each part will have a detailed inspection plan. All parts are inspected after any outside processing or before they are released to production. Each operator is also responsible for inspection at the start of a job, at specific intervals depending on the length of the run, and at the end of the job. It is critical to determine whether attribute or variable inspection is required. Variable data gives more information as it is actual measurement to specific features of the part rather than a go/no go gauge. Variable data is helpful when looking for trends that something about the process is moving the measurement to the out of specification range. We have made significant investments in automated inspection systems and data collection software.

Parts are monitored throughout the process and then at final inspection. Final inspection is so critical to some customers they have an inspection lab on-site to expedite inspection, delivery requirements and part approval.