Makino V33
Expanding IDC’s list of available 5-axis CNC resources, we have added another Makino V33. The V33 has a working volume of 25.6″X17.7″X13.7″ (X,Y,Z), a 20,000 RPM spindle, 40 tool magazine with 4.8 second tool to tool cycle, and a 787 in/min cutting feedrate. The V33 is well known for its extreme accuracy of 3 microns over the full range of the machine. This is due to its thermally cooled ballscrews, bearing support bracket area, and motor mounting area, a temperature controlled machine saddle and spindle carrier. To offer more flexibility, IDC outfitted the V33 with a Koma Precision 5th axis trunnion table. The 5th axis trunnion table has a 2 arc second indexing repeatability and 4 arc second tilting repeatability. This allows IDC to machine multiple critical features in a single operation to hold close tolerance feature relationships. IDC also outfitted the V33 with a Blum Z-Nano probe for broken tool detection and precision tool length measurement guaranteed to .2 micrometers and a Blum spindle touch probe for accurately picking up work offsets.



CMM Lab Expansion Including Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage CMM Addition
As IDC continues to experience growth, we have recognized the need to further develop the quality control department. IDC has recently expanded the main temperature and humidity controlled CMM laboratory. The newly renovated CMM lab has been nearly doubled in size to make room for the additional CMM and allow for future expansion. The addition of a Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage CMM (pictured on left) brings IDC’s list of available CMM resources to seven. The Brown & Sharpe Advantage has a working volume of 36″X48″X30″ (X,Y,Z) and is calibrated to meet ASME B89 and ISO 10360 standards.

IDC upgraded the CMM with a PH10MQ motorized/articulating probe head including a SP600 sensor for scanning capability. The articulating probe head allows for fewer probe changes during piece part inspection, thus reducing cycle times and error. The CMM was also upgraded with the latest version of PC-DMIS CAD++ DCC software, allowing for inspection to customer supplied CAD solids models. This also keeps the CMM current with IDC’s other PC-DMIS based CMM’s. Included with the PC-DMIS upgrade was a second software seat, giving IDC off-line CMM programming capabilities. IDC completed the software upgrade with DataPage & DataView real time SPC software.