Haas VM3 Equipped With 5-Axis
Due to a growing demand by our customers for precision 5-axis capabilities, IDC has invested in a Haas VM3 to our line up. The VM3 is a vertical milling machine, designed by Haas for precision mold making. IDC outfitted the VM3 with a trunnion style 5-axis rotary table, thru spindle coolant, and wireless Renishaw tool-setting probe. The VM3 is capable of handling parts up to 40″X26″X25″ (X,Y,Z) and up to 3500 pounds. Its chip to chip tool change time is an astonishing 3.6 seconds and is capable of a 500 ipm cutting feedrate with the high-speed machining function to keep the machine cutting at a high rate of production. The VM3’s accuracy is repeatable to +/-.0001″ and the 5-axis table has a .001 degree resolution with a 10 arc-second repeatability.


Varian VS Series Helium Leak Detector
At request by our customers IDC has added helium leak testing to our list of capabilities. IDC has purchased a mass spectrometer from one of the most well known manufactures of leak testing equipment, Varian Inc. The Varian VS series MD30 unit is capable of detecting a leak rate of 5 x 10-12 atm cc/sec, has a response time of less then .5 seconds, is equipped with a “sniffer wand” to pin point leaks, and has software enabling customization of the test reports. The VS series is also equipped with automatic calibration, ensuring accurate tests and a low maintenance dry scroll pump for electronics grade leak testing. In addition to the leak detector, IDC outfitted the system with a 2 cubic foot vacuum chamber for more precise measurement and allowing for outside-in or inside-out testing.