Prototype Cell

As the aerospace and defense industry demands rapidly change, IDC has recognized our customers needs for low quantity rapid prototype work. As a result, IDC has developed a prototype work center, for quick turn-around parts. Most materials are stocked in-house to help expedite these prototype orders. A few of the materials IDC stocks are; Aluminum, Stainless Steels, Titanium, Tungsten, Thermal Plastics, and Copper. Equipping the prototype cell is a Deckel Maho DMU 70 5-axis machining center (pictured on left). The DMU 70 is a precision mold making machine with a 29.5″x23.5″x20.5″ (X,Y,Z) working envelope, 18,000 RPM spindle, and 1,968 IPM rapid traverse. Also equipping IDC’s prototype cell is a Bridgeport VMC 1000 XP, outfitted with a Nikon 4th Axis (pictured on right). The VMC 1000 has a 40″x24″x24″ (X,Y,Z) working envelope, 12,000 RPM spindle, 1,692 IPM rapid traverse, and offers Bridgeport’s legendary reliability. IDC has also equipped both machines with a full range of Lang modular fixturing. The modular fixturing allows for quick part change over, ability to reload part in the machine post CMM inspection, ability to change work holding stations, and run multiple jobs at one time. The Lang equipment offers .0002″ repeatability



Unigraphics CAD/CAM Software

To complement IDC’s ProE Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, UniGraphics has been instituted as IDC’s official CNC programming software. UniGraphics is the industry leader in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. IDC is utilizing the latest version, NX8, and with our license maintenance package will continue to stay current with the latest releases of the software. IDC is currently running the advanced manufacturing bundle which includes but not limited to; simultaneous CNC machining up to 12-axis, CNC turning, wire EDM, high speed milling, volume milling, and CMM programming. UniGraphics is a feature based CAM/CAD software which enables it to recognize all solid modeled features such as complex 3-D surfaces, holes, threads, and assemblies from imported file formats. This enables IDC to import all customer supplied solids models and keep the individual modeled features and their feature relationships, which are usually lost when importing with other CAM software. UniGraphics also offers advanced tool path management for reduced CNC cycle times, typical reductions up to 40% are not uncommon.