Milltronics TT24
IDC has added two new Kitamura vertical machining centers to the list of available resources in the first half of 2013. The 3XG’s feature 15,000rpm spindles, 1.6 second tool-tool change with a 3.3 second chip-chip tool change, a .000078″ full stroke positioning accuracy, .000039″ repeatability, solid box ways, thru tool coolant, and 2800 block/second high speed processing for smoother and faster milling of complex work pieces. IDC equipped both 3XG’s with industry leading Nikken 4th axis rotary indexers for increased versatility. IDC also equipped the 3Xg’s with Renishaw touch probes for accurate machine work coordinate set-up, tool offsets, and axis alignments. The machines were added to the manufacturing floor in a cell format with the addition of Lang brand modular tooling to support specific customer and program needs, yet allow for everyday job shop type production. The Lang tooling offers their patented Quick-Point 0-point clamping system that features .005mm repeatability. This allows IDC the ability to change over jobs within minutes instead of hours.